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Humans of Salvador: E001

This begins the first series of post about the wonderful people that I have met in Salvador! Please stick with me, enjoy, and give me your feedback!


running from the pieces

i've been running a marathon but my legs have given out, the soles of my soles are torn and my very body is giving out. I have struggled with sadness, anger and unhappiness for a long time but have always run, now I can no longer. As I remove myself from these spaces, I commit myself to this journey of repairing and better understanding my broken pieces and loving them in their current state.


Face to Face: Ode to the kind at heart

This is an ode to the kind, beautiful, selfless strangers who have gone out of their way to help me out through my journey. ☀️🇧🇷 Those who completely changed their path just to make sure I got to my destination safely. Those who patiently waited as I spoke my choppy português and they tried to… Continue reading Face to Face: Ode to the kind at heart