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Hello all–and none (if no one is reading which is fine). 

I’ve been recently reflecting on why I made this page. Most pages have a theme, whether it be to talk about health and wellness, fitness, share journeys, and/or life lessons. I realized that I want this page to be a little bit of everything! 

The phrase “finding home” means something to me. It means I’m always evolving, always searching for new challenges, new destinations, new perspectives, and new opportunities to grow.  

So here’s to writing more. Tomorrow starts my journey to healthy eating–and though I don’t want to deprive myself completely– I do want to resume eating more fruits, watch the TYPE OF foods I eat and hold myself and my portion sizes accountable. 

I saw want to continue projects and document them. I started my efforts at thrifting and then sewing them into my own creations. Let me tell you it’s hard, but I want to push myself! 

As an update, I cheated as a pescatarian once and so since I can’t really claim the name, I am reducing my intake on meat (and bread). 

I also am still trying to read for leisure but with trying to take the time to read God’s words, it seems like the days just float by without my recollection. 

It seems as if there is not enough hours in the day but I am making every effort to be more deliberate in my actions but also kinder. I want want to be an onlooker as life goes on–I want to be in there living! 

So here is to changes–mind body and soul. 

I can’t wait to see what is to come! 

A bientot, 


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