Lately I’ve been feeling very stagnant when it comes to my faith. Stuck in a rut is more like it, as if being with God is a chore, as if reading my word is a school assigned reading I’m dreading. This scares me, I fear I’ll be so far gone I won’t even be able to hear God anymore . My heart and Spirit are left vulnerable but I don’t know how to find my way back to safety.

I realized this might be due to the fact that I think I’m thinking of self (how I feel, what I want) a little too much. I find myself being selfish at times and thinking of the things I do as a grandiose deed necessary for others to recognize.

This week I want to try harder, EXTREMELY  hard to put others first; those I love and those I don’t know. I find when I focus on self and the things I’m lacking I’m left feeling emptier and lonelier inside. I pray this is what God wants for me, I pray I am doing His will and that I may find my way back home.


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