Lately I’ve been feeling very stagnant when it comes to my faith. Stuck in a rut is more like it, as if being with God is a chore, as if reading my word is a school assigned reading I’m dreading. This scares me, I fear I’ll be so far gone I won’t even be able to hear God anymore . My heart and Spirit are left vulnerable but I don’t know how to find my way back to safety. 

I realized this might be due to the fact that I think I’m thinking of self (how I feel, what I want) a little too much. I find myself being selfish at times and thinking of the things I do as a grandiose deed necessary for others to recognize. 

This week I want to try harder, EXTREMELY  hard to put others first; those I love and those I don’t know. I find when I focus on self and the things I’m lacking I’m left feeling emptier and lonelier inside. I pray this is what God wants for me, I pray I am doing His will and that I may find my way back home. 

What He knows, We won’t understand 

We do not know the way or the reason of the Lord. We do not know why He does things the way that He does or the reason behind the things we cannot make sense of in our lives. Thinking about the specifics as to WHY certain things are created the way that they were by Him will often lead us without answers and just as confused as we began! Sometimes we just can’t question His decisions and have to trust and put full and total trust in Him !