day 7

Yesterday was a different day. Not only was I fasting, I was also going on a 7 hour van ride to North Carolina to do community service. 
Needless to say, not only did I do cardio for an hour straight at the gym in the morning, I was in a full car with no room to stretch my legs and dealing with extreme nausea and headaches from motion and not eating, as well as my usual daily fatigue. BUT, I’M BLESSED. 

Do you know why? Because despite all that and my thoughts that I would feel better if I just ate, I didn’t succumb until it was the Lord’s appointed time. 

Today really showed me a lot about the willpowr that I have developed just over the course of 7 days. I watched pasta made just the way I like it right in front of me, smelled the great tasting aroma and watched others eat all day but still stuck it out because this fast is so much bigger than me, it’s for HIM. 

Now myself and a group of 8 other girls are in the historical town of Princeville, North Carolina to lend our aide in repairing some of the houses damaged by Hurricane Matthew. I pray that God allows us to do the most good despite our limited time here. 

But I pray that God allows that to me a moment where I can speak out about why I serve Him the way I do and that He can speak through me and bud seeds of belief and convictions in the hearts of some, if not all, these girls. 

Today was my last day(even though I didn’t know) I pray that God truly wakes me up and gives me the strength to follow after Him though His path is the least desired. I pray for those j know , love and those who I don’t, that regardless they may come to know God before it is too late! 



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