day 6

black-number-6-framed-wall-art-15_1As my week comes to an  end, i find denying myself food to be that much easier but most importantly I find my dependence and thanks to God to be greater. God does so much for me alone but for everyone in this world. It’s such a shame that we cannot give him the praise that he deserves.

Honestly, it has just been in my heart to give God thanks, true thanks for every single thing He has done for all of us because He surely didn’t have to.

I pray that I continue to grow in my willpower and that the things that I let consume me hereby diminish. God is molding me but I think it is about time I answered His calls and served in obedience not in self-fulfillment.

As I give thanks though, I also wanted to take a moment to ask for forgiveness from our God. It is so easy to get swayed by the messages told in this world and sometimes I lose focus of Him and I act out of anger, fear of judgment or even selfishness. This cannot be done for a God who has done so much for me alone! I also feel as if this week God has given me the free time to be invested in my word and even get ahead in my schoolwork but unfortunately I did not use the time wisely. SO i just ask for the Lord’s forgiveness that He may continue to prune away my downfalls, make me new and help me to learn from my errors. Most importantly, I pray His heart remains forever pure, that He may never give up on us!


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