day 4

20-channel-4-logo-getExhaustion was the theme of the day. I seemed like for a majority of the day I was just fighting to keep my eyes open and to remain focused. I found myself going back and forth with the selfishness I was talking about yesterday: focusing on food and the time instead of God or growth. Regardless of your faith, we should all know that this life is all about growth, it is all about moments and what we make out of them. Though I slipped up from time to time, I found myself catching myself and making me reel it back in when I was getting a little melancholy about my own “sad circumstance” –plays tiniest violin.

But yeah today was a little bit of a challenge not because of my Spirit but because physically I was exhausted. Idk, maybe it is because I had a full workout on an empty stomach? hmm…could be . BUT ANYWAYS, I was definitely feeling low and weak but I must say I would not have gotten through it had it not been for God filling my with joy, laughter and His strength enveloping me. Self control is something very powerful in my opinion and I felt mine growing more and more when it was 8 pm and I could finally eat but I chose instead to take my time, sit down and read  “Hunger for God”

Here are some quotes that really spoke to me today as I was reading.

“The weakness of our hunger for God is not because He is unsavory, but because we keep ourselves stuffed with “other things”.       —As sad as it is i can attest with this. I try to fill my plate up with involvement, friends, work, volunteer opportunities, Smallville (lovelovelove), and of course physical food that there is only a sliver left for God.

With that idea, I read : “What we hunger for most, we worship”. This struck me as very eye-opening because it speaks to my and each one of our passions. How easy is it for the entrepreneur to speak of their new business venture with pride and excitement? How easy is it for the artist to speak of the depth and passion that went into their display? How easy is it for me to speak of all the wonderful things I am doing on campus or to defend Kanye, or stick up for my sister or spend a whole day watching Smallville? (pretty easy honestly), but how hard is it for me to spend more than an hour in my 24 hour day, reading my verses or talking to God. That is a pure example of where many of us fall short when it comes to giving all of ourselves to God.

That is just food for thought about where we are on our journey with God. It’s a difficult trek but the final destination is pure bliss. Keep striving for a heart that wants more of God and pray that I TOO can be pruned to want more of Him. I want to end with these two quotes from the book:

” [The fact that] I could even attempt my journey us owing to God’s grace, which I live on every day. ”

“When God is the supreme hunger of our hearts, he will be supreme in everything.”



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