why i rise

I’m spreading my thoughts and words to the world because simply put…I can relate– and if I can’t relate, I can attest to your pain, your struggle your triumph. 

I wanted to create this blog to show something to others that is much bigger than me. I want to share that happiness is not just a feeling, sometimes happiness is a choices– a hard choice at that. 

I know, sometimes it seems as if the world is against you and like happiness is a fleeting memory but I’ve proven to myself that in the midst of it all, it is possible to choose joy. It takes tears, it takes pain but it is possible, even on the hard days

Cliché as it sounds, I would love to show people who feel the same way I often do that they aren’t alone. I don’t know why I am the way I am. Why I get into spouts of sadness, why I isolate myself and shut out everyone who loves me. That is my narrative, but I refuse to let the ink dry with that as my final story. 

I hope through my words, I can give someone something to keep them afloat. So get your jumbled words out- laugh, cry, vent, but don’t give up.


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