day 1

Today has been the first day of my fast, and though I have done a fast before –i pray this one is different. During this first day, I have been able to spend the majority of the day alone. Free from schedules, free from classes, free from overthinking. It was a humbling feeling–I’ve never felt lighter or free to do whatever my heart desired.

What I want to talk about today though, is what i hope to gain from my fast. It seems to me as if I’ve gotten comfortable with the relationship that I have with God. I’ve spent a large part of this year thinking that I was well on my way as a Christian but I know it’s not enough to simply say the words if my words are not in accordance with my actions. Through this fast, I pray that God humbles me, I also pray that He gives me the strength to speak boldly and honestly about Him. I want to be a person who TRULY puts Him first. I want to defend His honor as I would defend any good friend of mine or a family member I love dearly. I’m sick of living a life where I put Him in the back-burner or treat Him as an afterthought when He should run through my mind all throughout the day. I want to gain that drive and that passion for Him.

I pray that through this fast, He may give me to courage, strength, boldness and love I need to serve Him. Day 2 awaits, pray for me!


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