new year, who’s me?

img2455122So, before I start the influx of swirling shenanigans in my head, I figured I would let the suckers who chose to read this in a little bit about who I am– but just a little.

My name is Elssa; yes, with two “s’s” –no not like the Disney Princess–yes I’ve watched Frozen–no I do not want to build a snowman. I am a 19 year old college junior. Yeah, I’m young for my school age group, I’ve always been the youngest person in the room–but that’s a story/explanation for another day.

I am Cameroonian-American, who moved to America  with my mom and brother to meet my dad when I was four years old. I will save you all the long diatribe by simply saying that throughout my life …I’ve been through some thannngsss. I do not remember much about my early childhood, the things I do remember occur in glimpses like fading memories I have to quickly grasp before they disappear for good. Over time the things I used to remember so vividly start to blur at the seams. Many of my past experiences seemed like the worst possible things at the time but I know I wouldn’t be me without them– and I am pretty dang proud of the person I am today.

I am a child of 5 the second born but I am basically a mother to everyone in the house including my older brother, mom, dad and grandma lol.

I’m a psychology major with a minor in Business Administration. I big and one might say unrealistic dreams to work with disadvantaged youth in low economic areas and give them the emotional/counseling support as well as tangible resources they need to succeed. I’ve had this dream since I was young and I don’t know how, but I KNOW God is going to use me to do something great in this world. I used to tell myself in high school, if I would just improve the life of one individual in some way that will be enough for me and the craziest part is that I feel the same way now. It doesn’t matter how big my impact but as long as I fulfill God’s will, I am content.

Some of the most important things to me:

  1. GOD, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, His Word
  2. Being able to provide for my family
  3. caring for the ones I love
  4. Serving others; positively impacting the lives of others
  6. Self reflection
  7. a good book
  8. staying active
  9. Overthinking

As I write, I will be hitting all of these things because they matter me and they are seriously always on my mind (refer to point #9).

ANYWAYS.. anyone who knows me knows that when it comes to sharing personal things, I am the listener not the sharer. Writing has always been the way for me to truly collect my thoughts in a way where they make some type sense (yes- I’m that girl who says she’s fine when she’s really not, but it’s only because I can’t find the words to describe what’s going on) . Though I prefer writing by hand, it’s the 21st century so I figure I would let technology take over my life too. (oh, btw I’m very sarcastic!)

This will be my safe haven, and I hope others can connect to the words I say and the gems I spit.

Dazzit for now y’all– I’m a total procrastinator but hopefully you’ll be hearing from me soon!

Toodle-loo, a bientot!



it’s official. I’ve done it, I’ve started a blog! As I’ve grown and matured through my years, I’ve noticed that writing down all the never ending, juxtaposing random thoughts freely swimming in my head has been the best way for me to express myself. 

So please, stay tunes as I talk about all the shenanigans that make me, me. From trials, God, family and the things I am passionate about, service and positively impacting the lives of others!